RXAir RXAIR1 800 sq. ft. Filterless UV Air Purifier, 32-inch

Product Features

  • 5 Year Warranty, No Cost of Ownership includes all cartridges!
  • Kills more than 99% of airborne bacteria and viruses, including the flu, H1N1, SARS, pneumonia, MRSA, strep, TB, measles and the common cold
  • Filterless and Equipped with 17 adjustable fan settings for quiet operation

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Product Description

Trusted by hospitals, schools and day-care centers, and airports reduce the spread of germs, viruses, bacteria and infectious diseases. RxAir uses proven ViraTech air purification technology which utilizes high-intensity germicidal ultraviolet light (UV-C) to not only clean the air, but destroy more than 99% of airborne bacteria and viruses. This includes Flu, H1N1, SARS, Pneumonia, MRSA, Strep, TB, Measles, the Common Cold, and countless others.

RxAir reduces the concentrations of VOC’s, odors, and other indoor air pollutants in homes, nurseries, schools, work environments and meeting places.

RxAir delivers stellar performance with minimal moving parts to keep the operation as trouble and worry free as possible. This also reduces the noise that the unit creates allowing it to run through the night and not interfere with a good night’s rest. The unit uses a system of baffles to slow the airflow and create turbulence. This traps the large particulates, and the ViraTech UV light does the dirty work of removing those nasty air pollutants. Each time air recirculates, more pathogens are destroyed.

Perfect for bedrooms, offices, and spaces upwards of 800 sq. ft., RxAir cleans the air in an average sized bedroom up to 6 times per hour, reduces air pollution linked to sleep disorders and other health issues.

Protect Your Family

Whether you suffer from pet dander, dust, and other allergies or want to dramatically reduce your risk to the flu or common cold, RxAir creates clean and safe air to breathe. The powerful ViraTech air purification technology works behind the scenes to keep the air clean, making it the best way to protect your family during cold and flu season. RxAir is designed to improve your overall indoor air quality and environment. It’s a great tool to protect your family and those who suffer from respiratory conditions or have a weakened immune system.

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