ionFresh Permanent Filter Ionic Air Purifier Pro Ionizer

Product Features

  • EXCELLENT COVERAGE SPAN: Ingenious design that cleans air quality for up to 1000 square feet of your home
  • COST EFFECTIVE: The IonFresh uses a Filter-less Design, which means no replacement filters are needed, and saving you money
  • ELIMINATES IRRITANTS: Space-age negative ion technology removes bacteria, allergens, dust, smoke and more from the air, allowing you to breathe clearly
  • REDUCES ELECTROSTATIC BUILD-UP: This device also utilizes an anti-static probe, removing electrostatic build-up in your home and keeping your electronics running in tip-top shape
  • HIGH VALUE, LOW PRICE: Save hundreds of dollars over competing HEPA air purifiers with the ingenuity design of the Cocoweb IonFresh ionizer

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Product Description

The Latest in Air Purification Technology

The IonFresh is a step above conventional air purifiers with its cutting edge plasma technology: using electrical currents, the IonFresh creates a fresh, ionic atmosphere that is free of pollutants. Negative ions attach to odors, bacteria, cigarette smoke, dust and more, weighing them down and allowing the IonFresh to trap them in its stainless steel collection panels. Unlike competing products, this filth isn’t just moved around; the IonFresh completely traps and holds the pollutants in its washable filter, allowing you to breathe easy in your own home.

Negative Ions Protect Your Health

An overabundance of positive ions are known to be dangerous for your health, reducing mental clarity and inhibiting lung function. By balancing out these positive perils with the IonFresh’s negative ion flow, you can not only normalize the air you breathe, but also reduce blood pressure and tension, leading to a healthier and happier life. In addition, ionizers are proven to reduce static electric buildup; keeping all your computers and other electronic devices running in optimal condition with the negative ions of the IonFresh!

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