Air Purifier 5-in-1 Air Cleaning System with Uv-c, Ionizer, PCO Filtration, Ozone Power, and Odor Reduction Fresh Air

Product Features

  • Greatly reduces Allergens including mold, airborne particles, dust, pet dander and more for up to 3500 Square Feet!
  • Removes odors such as, tobacco smoke, fumes, food and beverage odors and pet smells to name a few
  • Five speed fan, five levels adjustable purifier (activated oxygen) for OPTIMAL use. Easy to use – No additional items needed, just plug in!
  • NEW TECHNOLOGY using UV light, photo-catalytic filter, washable HEPA filter and ceramic ozone plates
  • BIG LCD display with green back light, remote control and manual control /SLEEK and MODERN look with Digital clock, Digital Timer function; Safety switch (disables unit if filters are not properly installed)

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Product Description

The Air Purifier treats the air in your home or office by breaking down odor causing pollutants and dropping airborne particulate from your breathing space. The Air Purifier produces ozone and negatively charged ions, the same effective cleansing agents that natures uses to treat outdoor air. The process includes: 1) The Air Purifier uses a needlepoint ionizer to drop dust, smoke and other harmful particles from the air we breathe. In our homes and offices there is a lack of negative ions and an abundance of positive ions. The buildings we spend most of our time in block out the natural occurring negative ions. The Air Purifier recreates the natural balance of positive to negative ions to significantly reduce airborne particulate and 2) The Air Purifier uses electricity to split oxygen O2 molecules into single o1 atoms, which attach loosely to other O2 molecules to become O3 (activated oxygen). This loosely attached oxygen atom is unstable and seeks to bond with chemical compounds and other odor causing pollutants in order to oxidize them. The Air Purifier should be placed in the room where you have the most pollutants. An elevated location is better to distribute ions and activated oxygen more evenly. Air Purifier works best if it is placed within 10 feet of a cold air return. Some customers prefer to have more than one unit to better control levels of activated oxygen in the home. 3) With ultraviolet light to destroy microorganisms such as bacterial, mold and viruses and remove bad smells in the air. 4) HEPA filter can capture particles below 0.3 microscopic particles such as radioactive dust in atomic plants. HEPA filter is a mainstay in areas that require clean air such as hospitals, clean rooms, and high-tech manufacturing plants. Commonly Asked Questions Q. What does the Air Purifier do? A. It treats the air in your home or office by breaking down odor causing pollutants and dropping airborne particulate from your breathing space

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